Sibling scrap pages – March 2014

A busy month with lots of opportunities to take photographs of the children, and these scrap pages include the reduced number of random shots! I love seeing how they interact and enjoy each other’s company. We’ve also had a major milestone with B riding her bike without stabilisers for the first time, and very successfully.

Siblings scrap layout March 2014 - darktea

Siblings scrap layout B March 2014 - darktea

Siblings scrap layout M March 2014 - darktea

All supplies – Scrap Girls

I’ve finished these pages just in time to include them in the Sibling linky and think I need to change my method so I can be earlier next month.

dear beautiful

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Goodreads #29

I’ve been having fun over the bank holiday weekend so I’m a little late with my goodreads from last week. As it is still the weekend on Monday I hope you find the time to read some of these posts.

Lifestyle and Health

How Blogging Changed My Beauty Routine

How Oprah Helped Me Create an Attitude of Gratitude


Should school be all about academic achievement?

Class teddy bear: Why parents won’t be mourning its extinction


New Directions and Blogging Your Heart Out


‘Google pin’ sign appears on roundabout 


30 Photos That Challenge the Harmful Stereotypes Toy Companies Sell You


How much time do you spend together as a family?






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Goodreads #28

In the last week I’ve been mostly reading about parenting, blogging and work an as always there is a wide range of topics ranging from whether you should stop children climbing up slides to a video about meetings with engineers. I hope you find something enjoyable to read over the weekend.


More Pink and Less Prejudice for Boys

Are you a fan of climbing up slides?

Pretty girls, pockets, and possibilities: how fashion traps girls

9 Skills That Every Kid Should Learn


Five Tips for Efficient Blogging

7 Steps to Proofreading Like a Pro

Peaches Geldof’s death and why I blog


The Expert, A Hilarious Sketch About the Pain of Being the Only Engineer in a Business Meeting 

I work full time and love it


Photos of New York City storefronts taken 10 years apart show gentrification and decay [36 pictures]

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Stats: March 2014

I won a competition in March with my post I’m scared of the cloud and I’m currently waiting for the arrival of my new tablet. When it arrives there is likely to be long discussions about who gets my old one; my husband or my 2 year old who appears to be much more interested them! I recently joined Instagram because I got tired of trying to upload pictures to using the Twitter app on my phone. I love the hints of what we got up to last month, so I’m sharing some of my favourites.

Instagram darktea summary March 2014 - 1

Although I wrote more posts in March, unfortunately none of them were popular enough to make it in to my top 5 most popular posts, which are the usual contenders. However on the positives, I move up to number 85 in the Hibs 100 chart and moved up slightly in the Tots 100 chart so I’m making improvements somewhere.

Don’t forget my survey, I’m going to close it soon and currently the most popular options are more scrapbooking and opinion posts. Quite a contrast to my last survey five years ago when goal identification and achievement was the most popular. How things change after having children!

Instagram darktea summary March 2014 - 2

Most read posts 15 different types of journals to keep
23 ideas for the first page of your journal or notebook
Ask advice: How to label keyboard keys
13 tips to successful hotdesking
Day planner download files
No of posts written 11 Subscribers 221
Top referring site Love All Blogs Most comments Agatapokutycka
Goolge+ followers 76 Twitter followers 587
Pinterest followers 228 Instagram followers 29

So altogether a pretty good month with all numbers increasing and I’m going to try to write posts that do well in Google so I can see some new posts in my top 5. Do you have any tips?

How was March on your blog? How do you include Instagram in your blog?
Instagram darktea summary March 2014 - 3


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Goodreads #27

I’ve enjoyed posts on the environment, blogging, a quote about your home and a recipe using Nutella (yum yum) during the last week.  I hope you find something enjoyable to read over the weekend.


Food waste in restaurants: out of home, out of mind?

Amazing Spiderman-2 film most ‘sustainable blockbuster’ in Sony pictures history

Lack of data is hampering efforts to drive sustainable fashion


7 Powerful Ways to End Your Next Blog Post 


Design Quote: Your Home Nate Berkus 


Recipe: Nutella choc chip cookies



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House renovation activity plan – first draft

A successful house renovation project needs a plan to ensure all tasks are completed and done in the correct order. The details of the plan will depend on the size of your renovation and your building experience (for example do you include a task for finish room or do you list out the each task of wiring, plastering etc.).

Now that we’ve made decisions about our house (we chose a kitchen-dining room instead of a lounge-dining room) and have architect and structural plans we can start planning the tasks and identifying which we’ll do ourselves which we will get a builder in for (such as steel beams and removing the lift). I’ve produced a plan in OpenProj based on my logic and not any actual DIY or building experience so it is certainly a first draft.

Our house renovation has been captured on 10 pages of A3 paper and stuck to the hallway wall. This plan covers the whole house because every room will have at least one wall changed; okay not the downstairs WC but we will need to remove the lift machinery and the bund it sits in.  We are now in the review phase as we draw and write notes on the draft and I’ll use them to develop a second more realistic version.

House renovation draft activity plan - darktea

How have you planned a house renovation? Did you discover any tasks that had to be done in a specific order that you didn’t expect? Do you have any tips for us before we start on this large task?

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Goodreads #26

Just a few goodreads as it has been another quiet week for me and my unread posts in Feedly is very large. I’ve also listed the discussions I’ve started on Google+; come and spend a bit of time chatting.

I’ve had several responses to my survey however so far almost all the topics have the same score, so it would be great if you answered the question to tell me what you like to see on this blog.


Ride like you have no fear 

Lifestyle and Health

Luck comes from hard work
Just being me


These are discussions I’ve started in Google+, please add your opinion or start your own in the community because I want to take part in more discussions

Mindless eating: The way to get children to eat their greens?
What’s The Best Way to Back Up My Data for the Long Haul?
Pink – just for girls?


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Sibling scrap pages – February 2014

There were many opportunities to take pictures of the children in February and I’ve created scrap page compilations of the random every day photos (a mixture of posed, on the sly and at their request). I’m still struggling with my scrap pages and found these difficult to complete so these took longer than I’d hoped but I’m pleased I’ve completed them before the end of the month. Siblings scrap layout February 2014 - darktea

Siblings B scrap layout February 2014 - darktea

Siblings M scrap layout February 2014 - darktea

 1st layout template – A cherry on top, 2nd layout template – Speedscraps. All other supplies – Scrap Girls

I’ve finished these pages just in time to include them in the Sibling linky (I’m aiming to be earlier next month).

dear beautiful

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Goodreads #25

My goodreads this week include more Team Honk (can you believe it has almost finished) and cycling. As I’ve had a quiet quiet week for blog reading (and writing), I’ve also included the topics being discussed in a Google+ community, please come and join in.

Plus don’t forget about my survey so you can tell me what you’d like to see more of on my blog. It is just a list of tick boxes under one question  so doesn’t take long and I’d love a few more responses before I close it.


calling in favours

#TeamHonkRelay, Sport Relief, Twitter and Me (and You).


Top 5 cycling wish list – March 2014

Facing the fear


Christina Bianco’s ‘Let It Go’ cover as Idina Menzel, Demi Lovato & Others (YouTube)


These are discussions I’ve started in Google+, please add your opinion or start your own in the community because I want to take part in more discussions..

What are you first memories of the worldwide web

Do you have to have an opinion on breast or bottle feeding?

Is it possible to read wrongly?

Is it a surprise graduates marry other graduates?

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Goodreads #24

My goodreads this week include blogging and the web, charity, memories and organisation and productivity. I know  I’m sharing these later than normal, but I hope you still find something enjoyable to read.

I would love it if you could answer my survey about what you’d like to see on this blog in the future. I’ve also created a community to help me find more discussions on Google+ and it would be great if you joined.

Blogging / Web

Loud ‘n’ Proud

The Author Rank Building Machine [INFOGRAPHIC]

Internet Archive: Wayback Machine

World Wide Web born at CERN 25 years ago

The rise and rise of Google+


Team Honk Nottingham: Every picture tells a story!

2011 Japan earthquake


Chocolate mousse 


The Big Bang Theory extended for three series


Artful memory-keepers: Jenny Frith

Organisation and Productivity

How to Declutter Fast

Lifestyle and health

Change Your Life by Changing Your Bedtime Routine


The case for making Hebden Bridge the UK’s second city


Business attempts to consult with the public as citizens lack creativity


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