44 ideas to capture and share memories

44 ideas to capture and share memories

Recently, I’ve been thinking a lot about how to capture memories of my children. B is starting school soon, a real milestone, and I’m concerned I’m not capturing as many of M; second child syndrome!  As well as capturing memories, I also want to share them so other people can enjoy them. I’ve been collecting ideas for several months and these are my favourite:

  1. Print or develop photographs and put them in albums
  2. Use digital photographs to make a photo books
  3. Frame your favourite pictures or have them printed on canvas and hang them on the wall
  4. Use photographs as a screensaver;  my computer rotates through all my scrap pages
  5. Make scrap pages, adding text to help tell the stories
  6. Make a slideshow of photographs to share with people
  7. Put photographs on physical items such as keyrings, bags
  8. Take pictures on specific days e.g. first day of school, birthday and combine them in a book, slideshow or wall display
  9. Take a photograph a day to capture the big and small moments in a year
  10. Take video of special events e.g. Christmas, birthdays, and make a compilation
  11. Film the children answering the same questions each year – I’ve done this once so far, using this page as a guide, and captured some amusing thoughts.
  12. Slyly take video to capture their true unobserved personalities
  13. Make models of their feet, our resin casts above are when they were both six months old
  14. Make footprints using paint
  15. Make hand or foot impressions; I love the idea of making stepping stones with a new stone and foot impressions each year
  16. Draw around hands every year
  17. Capture silhouettes
  18. Height chart including what they want to be when they’re older, or their favourite activity
  19. Frame your favourite pieces of their artwork
  20. Make compilation of themed art pieces
  21. Turn their drawings into works of art
  22. Turn their drawings of into soft toys
  23. Scan or photograph their artwork and collate them into a photo book for each year
  24. Make a scrapbook to store your favourite pieces
  25. Use small copies to make an artwork compilation in one frame
  26. Incorporate their drawings in to your craft work, such as sewing
  27. Cut up their artwork and make a montage
  28. Make a montage of their writing of the  same word to show development
  29. Decorate and frame pieces to make wall decoration
  30. Write a shared journal
  31. Collect your memories in a book or journal
  32. Ask your children to answer specific questions each year
  33. Write special or funny memories and collect them in a memory jar and open it once a year; we open ours at Christmas last year it was great fun
  34. Take photographs of your children’s achievement, or if not possible a photograph of them holding their certificate or medal afterwards
  35. Write a record of the achievement
  36. Create an achievement book to store all their certificates and badges
  37. Create a scrap page compiling photographs, writing and relevant items; B’s first gymnastic badge is below
  38. Frame badges
  39. Sew badges on to a blanket
  40. Make a book out of blog posts and social media statuses
  41. Collate social media comments and text messages into a book of special events
  42. Make a blanket out of favourite clothes
  43. Use a shadow box to store special toys or objects
  44. Make a ‘mix tape’ or playlists of songs that bring back memories

Photographs are my favourite method because I love the expressions you can capture and the versatility of the output; I’ve been using digital scrapbooking to extend the memories captured within the photographs.  But there are things you can not capture in a still image, such as voice and movement so I also take a good about of video. Unfortunately my laptop processor struggles with the video editing software so most of it remains untouched, however the key thing I’ve learnt  is to make short compilations otherwise people won’t enjoy watching them. 1st gymnastic certificate and badge   What are your favourite methods of capturing and sharing memories?

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