My BritMums Live plan and questions

In a week I’ll be at BritMums Live the biggest blogging and social media event in the UK  with 500 bloggers over two days. It is also the first blogging event I heard about (yes I lived under a rock for my previous 6 years blogging and had no idea there were communities and networks). I bought my ticket almost as soon as they were released and I’m finding it difficult to believe it is almost here; and that there will be so many bloggers together in one place, because for years I thought it was an individual activity.

This post pulls together my introduction, my concerns / things I’d like to know and my Britmums Live plan – so far. This is definitely a work in progress but I’m a planner and once I’ve got one sorted I’ll feel much happier and will be able to adjust it as the event progresses.

My introduction

kate davis darktea

Name Kate
Blog darktea
Twitter ID @katedavis (my other social links are in the sidebar)
Height 5ft 7 (almost)
Hair Long brown with new highlights this week (what do you think in my attempt at a selfie?)
Eyes Blue
Is this your first blogging conference? This is my 2nd conference, but my first BritMums Live and my first overnighter
Are you attending both days? Yes
What are you most looking forward to at BritMums Live 2014? Meeting lots of people I’ve chatted to online and getting lots of inspiration
What are you wearing? I’ve got two dresses picked out and ordered many many shoes to try on and hope one pair goes with both dresses
What do you hope to gain from BritMums Live 2014? Inspiration, tips, motivation, friendship, fun and cake

My concerns / things I’d like to know

As I mentioned above I like a plan and as this is my first BritMums Live I keep thinking about lots of little things I’d like to know. So if you’ve got answers or information about any of the following please let me know because I’ll feel much happier.

  • is it a badge or is it on a lanyard? I’m feeling a little worried about pinning something to my dresses as they are new
  • what do I do with my bags?
  • what to do about food on Friday night? Who wants to eat with me, where shall we go and do we need to book?
  • where to get breakfast on Saturday? I haven’t booked breakfast in my hotel and on Twitter discussed meeting up with people, but I don’t remember who, when or where
  • are people leaving straight away on Saturday evening or are people getting food first?
  • what happens if I want to go to more than one session, will there be notes or videos afterwards? I’m finding it very hard to choose

My Britmums Live plan

So here is my Britmums Live plan so far, as I said earlier this is a work in progress. Please let me know if you’d like to meet and hopefully we can find a suitable time so we can make sure it happens.

Time Location Meet?
Butterflies meetup?
14:00 Registrations
15:00 Welcome
15:05 Emma Freud – Comic relief, Twitter and the power of social media
15:45 Women’s voices and the media: Making your voices heard
16:25 Break
17:00 How I did It: Success stories from high profile bloggers
Writing a pitch: How to work with brands you love OR
Writing block and unlocking the creative process
17:50 The power blogging can bring to your life ORDesign tips to make your blog look gorgeous OR
Entrepreneurship and leadership: inspiration to get where you want to go
18:35 Brilliance in Blogging party and awards
20:00 Dinner
7:30? Breakfast
8:30 Coffee / pastries
8:55 Benjamin Dutton-Brooks

Podcasting: The hows, wheres and whys

Hands on video session part 1 OR
Rest (apparently it is good to schedule some)

10:10 Social media for advanced people OR
Pinterest: How to be a power pinner OR
Hands on video session part 2
10:50 Break
11:30 Photography OR
Affiliate marketing OR

Collaboration: working together for bigger traffic and larger impact OR
Legal and accounting: what you absolutely must know if you ever do reviews, receive goodies, use pictures

12:20 Google+: learning to love it OR
13:10 Lunch
14:10 New ways to monetise: making money with your blog OR
How to Instagram better: take gorgeous snaps, build followers, be part of the community OR
Youtube: change your view of it, understand what to do on it and know what it wants from you to get engagement OR
How to successfully self publish
15:00 Tech knowledge: things you didn’t know you could do, but you can! OR
Storytelling: learn how to share your experiences, compellingly OR
Mama me-time
15:50 Break
16:45 The blogger’s keynote
17:45 Good enough Mums club
18:15 Home or dinner?

What are your BritMums Live plans? Which sessions are you most looking forward to?


  1. says

    Ha ha, it sounds like you have a lot of the same kind of thoughts that I do. Breakfast does seem a weird one, we need to investigate that! I’m planning on sitting down with a cuppa in a bit and go over the schedule and decide what sessions I want. I know a couple, but need to mull over some of the others a bit more.

    • says

      Well done Carin on knowing a few of the sessions you want to go to. You can see from my schedule that I really don’t know they all sound so good. It is going to be a great couple of days

  2. says

    I need to recheck my spreadsheet I did. I’m hoping to share notes with people who did the other sessions that clash with ones that are my no. 1 priority so happy to compare notes with you.

    Friday evening – no plans yet, so happy to sort something out with you and any others we grab. Sounds like lots are going with the flow, but I’m not good without food, so would rather book something – sounds like Nandos and Wagamamas are on the cards for a few people.

    Last year it was a badge, can’t remember if there was a clip. You could always bring a lanyard and pop it in if you have one.

    Bags – there’s a cloakroom as you enter.

    Breakfast – I’ve heard there’s usually food early on Sat when you arrive. I’ve not booked breakfast at my hotel either, although I think there are a few planning on having it at mine. Might just grab something on the way and happy to meet on the way.

    I’m leaving straight away as I have no idea what’s happening with N yet – OH says he’ll be mowing if the weather’s good so I’m kind of hoping for bad weather, or that he’ll actually just agree to have him. Think there are people who stay the second night so there will be people staying.

    Phew, think that’s it. Let’s talk after I’ve sorted out what I’m doing and when you’ve got some other people’s ideas.

    • says

      Emma, I’m getting closer to deciding on what sessions to go to, so maybe we can compare or schedules. Yes, lets do something together about food and join up with who ever we can. I’m sure it is difficult to get the balance between talking to lots of people and having proper conversations. Thank you for the idea of a lanyard I’ve ordered one and hope it arrives tomorrow. I’ve found I can check in at 12 so I don’t need to worry about bags for the first day, but good to know about the cloakroom. I’m also not good with food, so will want something in the morning, but don’t know whether I’ll be up for a full english, I wonder if there is a bakery near by we could meet at.

  3. says

    I keep changing my mind about which sessions I’m going to attend, need to print the list off and make a final decision. We haven’t got brekkie included at our hotel but have been told we’ll be well fed at Britmums. I hope so or my tummy will be introducing itself in the morning sessions. I have clothes ideas but no shoes – off to panic buy on Tuesday! See you there :)

    • says

      I’m getting closer on deciding my sessions, we will have to compare and see if we can swap notes. It sounds like your shopping was successful. I’m also struggling with shoes, I’ve chosen a pair but they are too big and the tops of my toes rub with insoles. I’m currently trying to stretch them.

  4. says

    Hi, looking forward too meeting you at the conference. I can’t remember if it’s a badge or a lanyard sorry. Dinner – sorry I’m probably heading home, I have a hotel booked but thinking il head home – I work round the corner so not like I can’t do the commute, seems extravagant to stay. Breakfast – where are you staying! There is a the so next to the city road travelodge, that’s what I did last year

    There is a bag drop as soon as you enter the conference door.

    Am so impressed with you planning, I haven’t fully looked at the agenda yet – envious you are all prepped
    Becca x

    • says

      Becca, you obviously didn’t look too closely at my schedule, most of the slots still have 3 sessions in, but I’m getting closer to narrowing it down. I haven’t worked out my train times yet, but have discovered I can check in from 12 so don’t have to worry about my bag on Friday. Looking forward to meeting you as well.

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