Declutterday: why did we pay to move that?

Removing five items from the house every week sounds easy until you have a busy week and you’re mind is on other things. I have found and thrown away the items from the same room as last week. Nothing exciting, in fact all a bit embarrassing; why did we pay to move these items?

  • small cardboard box
  • extra fittings for a cat flap at our old house
  • empty tube of wrapping paper
  • old scrubbing brush
  • old gripping stuff dry wipe board that has lots its stick


I know exactly why we paid to move them. We had less than 48 hours between exchange and completion so jut packed everything. Hopefully by participating in declutterday I can prevent us moving these items when we move next time!

What is the strangest item you move moved to a new home?

Becca Lou Creates


  1. says

    an empty tube of wrapping paper…. well that is an interesting item to move. I know the feeling though, you are on a mission when packing and almost like locusts everything is swept up and boxed to worry about later. A year after moving in there are still boxes we haven’t unpacked – items are clearly not important to our lives!

    strangest thing we moved – the inner bowl thing for the waste-disposal sink in the old kitchen (kitchen was replaced) in the old house…hmm useful!

    You are doing a great job, keep it up

    • says

      Thank you Becca for the encouragement, and for making me feel better about the empty tube 😉

      I’m sure we have plenty more things that we should have thrown out instead of moving. Although we have unpacked most of the boxes (except those from the loft). Some people would tell you to throw out those boxes, but I couldn’t do it myself I would worry I was throwing out some I didn’t need frequently but was very important, like photograph albums.

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