Exercise the route to happiness, so why am I resisting?

I have been procrastinating on writing this post because I haven’t wanted to think about how I would benefit from more exercise. In my post What is happiness? I listed exercise as one component that was suggested in the book Making Happy People: The Nature of Happiness and Its Origins in Childhood. I can fully understand that exercise is a component of happiness because when I’ve been regularly exercising I’ve had more energy and felt more of the opportunities offered by life. However, I am currently in an exercising dip and have been for a few months (OK at least six) and I’m struggling to get out of it.

kate on day after weddingOf course, exercising will also help me towards the other two components of happiness I’m considering at the moment; sleeping and attractiveness. I’m particularly keen on the last one, because I’ve noticed I’m starting to get a little podgy so some of my clothes don’t fit as well as they should. Additionally, Penelope Trunk suggests there are also business related benefits such as increased IQ and increased resilience to difficult times, in fact she feels regular exercise is no longer optional.

The last time I was actively exercising was before my wedding, then I was going to the gym almost everyday and sometimes twice a day. I loved the classes because I had to go at the set time or miss it. The problem started about a month before the wedding when meetings started clashing with the classes. When I came back from the honeymoon the timetable had changed and it didn’t work as well for me.

The two things I had before the wedding was a goal and a habit. 7 ways to build the exercise habit at zen habits points out the importance of having a goal and I need to work on this, just as I need to with all my goals.

So, my plan is to start exercising daily as suggested by Scott H Young in his post New to Exercise? Make workouts daily. I have received a daily exercise DVD from Blockbuster to try out and as I am waking up earlier I will use it in the mornings. I am also going to organise an appointment for a new programme at the gym. I admit it is going to be difficult next week because I’m away from home for three nights, but I guess that is just an additional challenge.

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