Goodreads #8

Here is a round up of the posts I’ve enjoyed reading or have commented on during the last week. I hope you find something enjoyable to read over the weekend.

Lifestyle and Health

5 Reasons Journaling is a Life Changing Skill

A Story of Enough: My Clothing Fast

Fitbug and WalkActive – the motivation I needed (review)

Habits and Structure

Are You Thinking Healthy Thoughts? Your Thoughts Can Have A Big Impact On Your Life.

It’s Time For A Refresh…

Social media

Thank You, Twitter

Should You Use Twitter?

Five ways to avoid the personal online ghetto

Organisation and Productivity

Ask the Entrepreneurs: The Most Productive Hours of the Day

The 10 O’Clock Rule

Children activities

My Little Ballerina

Make some autumn trees – Autumn fun indoors


Family Feminism

Why I Took My Kids’ Toys Away | A Lasting Solution for Too Many Toys


This is the house that we built


How to buy the best slow cooker – Slow cooker reviews


Love love LOVE a good library run!

General Knowledge

21 Expressions You’re Probably Saying Wrong


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