Goodreads #26

Just a few goodreads as it has been another quiet week for me and my unread posts in Feedly is very large. I’ve also listed the discussions I’ve started on Google+; come and spend a bit of time chatting.

I’ve had several responses to my survey however so far almost all the topics have the same score, so it would be great if you answered the question to tell me what you like to see on this blog.


Ride like you have no fear 

Lifestyle and Health

Luck comes from hard work
Just being me


These are discussions I’ve started in Google+, please add your opinion or start your own in the community because I want to take part in more discussions

Mindless eating: The way to get children to eat their greens?
What’s The Best Way to Back Up My Data for the Long Haul?
Pink – just for girls?



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      I feel very paranoid about backing up and don’t think we’re doing enough. I’ve discussed it with DH this weekend and we have a new plan, but haven’t actually bought of the equipment we need yet.

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      I’m trying to sort out Google+ but I’m struggling because I’m not seeing much original content there and most people appear to be just link dumping. As there is no limit on the characters I think there is a good opportunity for better discussions than on Twitter, but I’m not seeing them; that is why I started the discuss community. If you want an easy way to start on Google+ why don’t you join the community and comment on some of the topics – I’d love to see more people involved

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    Looks like you’re really delving into Google+. What i’ve seen of it so far, I like, just need to spend a bit more time there! Like anything, you get out what you put in. Will be interested in seeing how you progress.

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