Goodreads #34 – blogging

The internet is about browsing and discovery and I’d hoped to help by sharing posts I’d enjoyed reading through my Goodread posts. However, I felt they were taking over my site as I wrote them weekly so stopped about two months ago. However, I’ve missed highlighting the great posts I’ve read and I want to pass on the feeling I get when I discover someone has linked to one of my posts.

So my Goodread posts are back, but slightly different. Instead of sharing the posts I’d read during the previous week I’m going to group them in themes and share a theme when it has at least ten posts. The first theme is blogging and I hope you find something interesting in my list.

Why Do Newbie Bloggers Give up Blogging Soon?

Collaboration and the Longest Day

Should You Have One Blog or Several if You’re Interested in Multiple Topics?

The end of an era

What Makes the Perfect Blog Post?

14 (more) things that drive your readers away

21 Seriously Annoying Blog Design Mistakes You Need To Fix Right Now

BritMums Live! RoundUp – Advice for Bloggers and PRs

What Is The Future Of Comments In WordPress?

How to Comment on Blogs the Right Way: The Five Steps You Need to Follow

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      My pleasure Ebun. I was great to read some of the tips from the sessions I didn’t go to. I’ve already got my ticket for next year and the day booked off work :)

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