Hidden me – February 2014

February started well with photographs taken of me as part of the Team Honk relay, so I did not have to take one myself. However that was it, there are no other photographs of me through the rest of the month; thank goodness for TeamHonk!

Photographs of kate davis in the team honk relay - darktea

Team Honk relay baton exchange in Dorchester-on-Thames

 In case you’re wondering that is my daughter’s Rapunzel wig!

My mother in law took the pictures at the end of my leg and took several pictures by mistake, but that means I have a couple of Google auto awesome images – I think they are brilliant.

teamhonkrelay autoawesome

I’m now starting to think I need to organise an event (or a dressing up day) each month to give the opportunity to get a photograph of me. How do you make sure there are pictures of you? Do you take them or other people?


  1. says

    Looking good! I almost fell for the wig being you real hair! I find it hard to get people to take photos of me, or remember to ask. It’s something I need to work on!

    • says

      That is why I though it best to mention it was not my hair!

      Yes, I find it hard to ask people to take pictures of me. I haven’t done it yet this year, but I think I will use the timer on the camera or start taking selfies.

    • says

      I know that one of the reasons there are not many pictures of me is because I don’t put myself forward for them, however I’ve decided it is worse not to have any photos at all.

  2. franglaisemummy says

    I’ve loved seeing all the Team Honk relay pics – love the wig too! My daughter had this one but then it got horribly tangled, so sort of disappeared…..! I struggle to get pics of me, unless I specifically ask Hubs to take them, as I’m always the one behind the camera.

    • says

      Me too and I don’t want to have to ask someone to take a picture of me I’d like some natural caught in the moment pictures. You maybe able to tell the wig is very tangled and is now in two chunks, but we are keeping it for now and probably until I next decide to wear it ;)

  3. says

    I am rarely in photographs and am usually the person behind the camera. It is definitely something I need to change as my kids will look back and wonder where I was!! I find it hard to be photographed though so I need to get over that first.

    • says

      Yes, I agree it is difficult to be photographed, but I’ve decided the end result is worth the discomfort because it would be awful for the children not to have any images (plus I hope if there are more pictures it will be easier to find nice ones).

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