Sibling scrap pages – January 2014

Every month I take some every day photographs of the children, a mixture of posed, on the sly and at their request. I think in many ways these pictures capture their true characters so I don’t want to lose them into the depth of my computer. So every month I aim to do a layout for each child and one for them together which I will include in my year book when I have it printed, unfortunately I’m a little behind on 2013, but I’ll try to keep up this year. In fact I’m so behind with my scrapbooking that it has been months since I’ve done any, and I’m feeling a bit out of practice so I don’t think these are my best pages, but I’m pleased to have something finished (something is better than nothing).

January 2014 sibiling scrap page January 2014 scrap page January 2014 scrap page

All supplies from ScrapGirls

I’ve been a bit slow finishing these pages, but I’m still adding them up to the Sibling linky.

dear beautiful


    • says

      Thank you Mammasaurus. One year, I will have a whole collection of these in a printed book so we can easily look through them. In the mean time I use them as my screensaver.

  1. cariemay says

    Oh wow, aren’t they lovely! Such a great way to sum up the month and gives you a solid nudge towards getting them printed – I’m terrible for getting things printed, I must make more of an effort!

    • says

      Thank you for commenting. You are right about getting things printed; I’ve stopped printing photographs because once I get round to it I then find they sit in a packet for months / years. I’m disappointed that I haven’t started my layouts for February yet although I think I’ve narrowed down the photographs which I guess is a big step.

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