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May was a quiet blogging month as I concentrated on getting tasks done and many of these were offline tasks like tidying and filing. After many years of looking, I think I’ve finally found a task management tool and system that is working for me and I’ll write about it in the future. I hope as I reduce the tasks on my list and get quicker at the others I will have more time for the things I want to do such as writing, scrapbooking and sewing.

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I wrote the same number of posts as April and none of them were popular enough to make it in to my top 5 most popular posts. I’m actually disappointed about this a I’d hoped my one about internal windows would make it; because come on guys it has a video showing our lift. I often mention our lift and I think most people think I mean a stair lift and here is the opportunity to see the lift in its full glory.

It was a mixed month in terms of metrics. As my Klout scored had increased by over 10 I’d expected my chart places to increase significantly. I moved up 59 places in the Tots 100 chart to my highest score, but disaster – I was suspended from Hibs 100. I was number 58 in April so I’d hoped to make it into the top 50. It took a while, but I found out I was suspended because I was not suitable as I did not have enough house or interior content. After going through several emotions (disappointment, anger, belligerence) I looked at my posts and agree there has not been a high percentage of house related posts recently because I haven’t been writing as much recently and due to time constraints I’ve concentrated on quicker posts, plus I need to wait for our house project to progress further, although I have some topics waiting to write such as working with an architect and how to develop a house renovation plan.

I have to admit I’m disappointed about no longer being part of Hibs 100 as I think the topic is more appropriate to this blog than Tots 100 so I was expecting to do better, plus I am now no longer part of their PR programme and although I’m fussy about what opportunities I take I suspect there could have been some great opportunities as we progress our house, just like using RoomSketcher to visualise our hall without the lift.

It has made me question the value of charts. I like being able to measure progress and I’ve found these charts have motivated me to engage more, however are they are diverting my attention away from what I want to do? Plus is it really possible to move into the top 100 or as those people get the most attention does it become self perpetuating? I honestly don’t know. I blogged for 6 years without them, but since joining up to Tots100 twelve months ago I have notice I’m more interested in my blog and how to improve it, so that is a good benefit.

Something else I noticed was my reliance on my Goodread posts to have a new post each week. I started these to highlight the posts I’d shared during the previous week as I know people don’t follow me on all platforms, and also to share a bit of link love. However, do you find them interesting? Do you enjoy reading them? Can you think of an alternative method to highlight the posts?

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Most read posts 15 different types of journals to keep23 ideas for the first page of your journal or notebook

13 tips to successful hotdesking

15 ideas for old diaries and journals

9 reasons why it is important to finish tasks

No of posts written 8 Subscribers 222
Top referring site Daily PlanIT Most comments Emma T
Googel+ followers 183 Twitter followers 743
Pinterest followers 249 Instagram followers 63

So a mixed month, although all the numbers have increased again (thank you). I’m looking forward to going to BritMums Live in June and hope to meet lots of people and be inspired and motivated. Are you going? What are you thoughts on blog charts? Do you read link posts?darktea instagram


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    I’d say looking at your stats there, you’re doing well inside the 500. Shame about HIBS, but once you get going on house posts, can you get back in? It sounded like a lot of bloggers got suspended out of hibs and foodies last round, yet there are people in tots who never write about parenting or children – the only thing for that it seems, is to have children.

    Nice to see I’m the top commenter!

    Going on your popular posts, there might be some that would go down well on Stumbleupon. Anything that’s tutorial or list based, seems to do quite well. I think mine are generally too personal to do well on there.

    I like your GoodRead posts. It’s great to refer back to, and pick out a couple of read each month. You never know what you’re going to find.

    I’m a bit obsessed with stats…but I’ve been steadily moving further away from the 250 I was safely in for about 4 months, and yet all my other metrics are much bigger compared to when I was previously in the 250. At the rate I’m going, this month I’m going to fall outside the 500 which is gutting with the amount of time I spend blogging and on social media. But ultimately, I do blog because I enjoy it, and I like other people reading, so that’s what’s important.

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      Thank you for writing the most comments, it is nice to know that someone is reading what I write, you’re currently joint top for this month too (you can see the running total in my footer). The tots100 is an interesting one because I don’t explicitly write about my kids often, although they are sometimes mentioned or appear in the pictures I am not recording our life as many bloggers do. I’ve been told I can reapply to HIBS100, because although I think the chart is a better fit I suspect I’ll always have a mix of topics.

      I haven’t used stumbleupon for year. I used to use it years ago to browse the web and wanted something completely random. I love my stats as well, and I guess the key ones for me is my visitor numbers and referals aren’t really increasing, they probably tell me more about where I can improve than any chart.

      I’m glad you like my GoodRead posts. I’m wondering about continuing to do them weekly, but on a theme so I collect the links over a month or so and when I have enough I do a post. I’ll keep thinking about it.

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