The working mum’s guilt

Thursday is my day with the children, and it is a busy day with swimming and gymnastics classes. However, at the moment I am on a train to London, in a suit on my way to an important work meeting. I’m lucky that my Mother in law is happy to change the day she looks after the children, so I spent the day with them yesterday and she is looking after them today. And I’m guilt free.

Unfortunately it is B’s first sporting competition this afternoon. Her gymnastics club has an external coach visiting for their end of year competition; and I won’t make it back in time. There’s the guilt.

I assume as the children grow older and are involved in more sports this will occur more often, so I need to accept the guilt and move on. I was there when she got her first badge and surely that is more important, isn’t it??

1st gymnastic certificate and badge


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    I’m a SAHM now but I worked when I just had my son, and I was always feeling guilty for missing out on things. He doesn’t seem to have suffered for it though.

    Now I just have the guilty feelings when it seems like I’m paying more attention to one child than another. I try to treat them equally but it’s not always that straightforward!

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      I definitely agree with the equality of attention. I am aware I’ve recently increased the attention I give to M because he is starting to speak and communicate and I want to encourage him, but this means I’m not giving as much to B. I hope this will balance out in the future, maybe when she starts school and has lots of new things to share.

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