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Kate darktea

Hello and welcome

I’m a working mum trying to make the best use of time so I can make a family home and have time to develop my own interests.

I believe everything benefits from being simpler. Although I’m not as good as I’d like at achieving simplification. I often get caught up in list writing or planning instead.

How can I help you?

I’m understand how you feel. We know we’re not young, but we don’t feel old. We still want to achieve things, even if we don’t know what those things are. I’m walking the same path and hope I can share my experiences and what I’ve learnt so the path is easier for you and we can all learn to thrive in our own way.

Why darktea?

Think about the cup of tea you forgot you were making because you were distracted by children, too busy talking to friends or you lost yourself in an activity. It happens to us all. Why do you leave your tea brewing?

Small success achieve big victories

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